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 Micro PC4

Sunday Times
A pint Sized yet powerful system that could easily replace your main box. The MicroP4 cleverly squeezes almost everything needed from a computer into the space of an average office phone. The MicroP4 is bristling with connections, including a television and digital output, which means it can double as a DVD player.
Rating 4/5

Computer Buyer
The MicroP4 is a feat of design and miniaturisation. It evens contains an internal CD ROM drive. Despite its compactness the MicroP4 positively bristles with ports and connectivity. The Jadetec has a second Ethernet port running at 1Gbit/s -10 times faster than Fast Ethernet. The MicroP4 is an impressive little machine, ideal as a server, a small system box for the lounge or a space-saving office PC. so if you want a really petite PC, here it is!
Rating 5/6

PC Pro
The MicroP4 is bursting with connectivity options, new and old. We like some of the well thought out design touches, such as the sheer sexiness of the small shiny box and the way you can fold out rubber feet flaps to stand it on its side for the smallest of PC footprints. The MicroPC is an impressive piece of design that goes against the norm with its array of connectivity options. You'd be hard pressed to hear the fan across a typical living room. while in an office environment it's certainly a whole notch or three down on your average PC noise level.
Performance rating 4/6

Personal Computer World
The latest MicroP4 proves size isn't everything by packing a lot into its small frame. The MicroP4 is well designed, Its case has plenty of vents to help keep the system cool. Its been designed in such a way that it can either lie flat on your desk or stand vertically on its edge.

Jadetec's MicroP4 offers a fully featured PC in a very compact casing. With this range of connectors the MicroP4 can be used with any form of Internet connection, just about any type of display and a massive range of external peripherals -- even without any internal expansion capabilities.
Features rating 8/10

 Micro PC500
PC Advisor
The MicroPC is more than capable of mixing with its desktop counterparts. The MicroPC's solid level of performance and reasonable pricing makes it an interesting addition to the PC market. The Jadetec is far more than a mere conversation piece...

PC Utilities
The Jadetec MicroPC is the smallest PC we've ever seen. If you're a business person, you can slip the MicroPC into your briefcase to give presentations whilst visiting a client's office, and a TV-Out is provided in the form of S-Video...We particularly liked how quiet it was - no buzz-saw fan noise!...
Recommended Award July 2001

Personal Computer World
You won't find a smaller PC than this pint-sized MicroPC XP-866, but it's no pushover. If you work in several fixed locations at once and want to be able to access the same data everywhere, but don't need the additional facilities of a notebook, the MicroPC could be just the ticket...It's undeniably portable...

Computer Buyer
The MicroPC lacks very little...It is a perfect way of bringing a PC (along with the Internet) into the lounge...It will make easy work of any word processing & spreadsheets and database, the small grey box also has an impressive number of connectors. Wire up the MicroPC to your TV and you could be surfing the net and enjoying your favourite films on DVD. The size of the PC does make the Jadetec very attractive...
The MicroPC does occupy less desk space than any other PC we've seen (including any notebook) and thanks to the incorporation of a TV-Out port, it would double up as a highly portable DVD player....

The Mirror
The MicroPC packs some punch considering it's barely bigger than a portable CD player. At just 6in square and a remarkable 1.8in thick, it houses a 866Mhz PIII chip, 20 gig hard disk, 256meg of RAM an infrared port, 56k modem, network port, speaker, CD or DVD drive and a couple of USBs...

Sunday Times
The MicroPC lives up to it's name, packing a fully functional Windows computer into an incredibly compact unit, just 157mm x 146mm x 45mm in size...It will suit anybody strapped for desk space...

PC Direct
We reckon Jadetec's mini PC is nothing short of a miniature marvel. The size advantage in terms of storage, portability and general convenience over a conventional PC is very obvious.
Sept 2001

What PC?
It is an astonishing feat of engineering, the MicroPC can still pack quite a punch. Packed full of features, the MicroPC is a strong contender if you want a PC but are strapped for space.
Sept 2001

Computer Active
If you want a powerful system, but you're short on space, you'll need the MicroPC; this pocket-sized beauty is the smallest PC in the world! More ports than you can shake a plug at.
Issue 91

 Sumicom S600
Personal Computer World
This pint sized PC certainly packs a punch...The system performed well in Sysmark 2002. If you're looking for a basic portable system or even a second system for back up purposes, the Sumicom S600 is a handy little system with an attractive price tag.

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